This is what I got as the definition to the word, temptation when I looked it up from wikipedia, It is the desire to perform an action that one may enjoy immediately or in the short term but will probably later regret for various reasons: legal, social, psychological (including feeling guilt), health-related, economic, etc. In the context of religion, temptation is the inclination to sin. Temptation also describes the coaxing or inducing a person into committing such an act, by manipulation or otherwise of curiosity, desire or fear of loss.


Now, as I look back, I realize that I was an obedient servant to temptation. It always has something good to offer and trust me, it knows how to sweeten the deal. If it could be a lawyer, very few would stand to trail since most would be sweet talked into not testifying.

But that doesn’t mean it is good. They say, too much of something is dangerous; well that’s what temptation offers. Too much. I personally have been tempted so many times, my best master, was television. I remember being stuck on that think from morning to evening to the following morning. At the end of the day, my eyes were exhausted if not aching, my neck was paining and not to mention, I had accomplished nothing at the end of the day. For the one with an acute conscious, it would disturb you for wasting time. They say time is precious, now I know what they mean; looking back, I wasted so much of it. Now that I am a little wiser, my temptation comes and to say the truth, sometimes, it nearly gets me but sometimes it does not. I realize what is about to happen and I say,”Hahahahahaha, temptation, that was a close one, you nearly got me there. Thank God for the little light that I got to see.”


If you look at my life, there was always a light; sometimes, it was dim and in others, it was bright. The question is, will you follow it? The light may not be as easy to reach, but when you do reach it, you feel at peace. Just try an remember anything you that you tried to achieve; from being the top position in your class or getting a good job. You worked hard for all of them. Life is all about working hard; people who live corrupt ways one day get caught and will be judged for it. It’s fun working hard for something. Personally, I find the challenge thrilling; the rush of getting something done, the staying up late to read, at the end of the day, I want to know the limits to my brain or my hard work.Image

Aren’t you tired of doing a routine of following the darkness of your life or in this case, being the servant of temptation? When I fall, in this case, my temptation is like a pot hole that tripped me, like a young child, I wake up, dust myself off and keep on moving because we are human. It is not easy, but you get to learn to do it. Just remember, baby steps. You may not get it the first time, but you will eventually.


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Francis Assures His Closeness to Unemployed

Encourages People of Sardinia to Not Lose Hope in the Face of Struggles

By Junno Arocho Esteves

CAGLIARI, September 23, 2013 (Zenit.org) – Pope Francis addressed workers concerns over the lack of employment in the italian island of Sardinia during his Apostolic visit to Cagliari on Sunday.

Upon his arrival, the Holy Father was greeted not only by religious and civil authorities, but also by many people holding banners demanding work on account of many factories being closed on the island.

Prior to his address, the Holy Father heard from a young unemployed person, an entrepreneur and a union member. According to a communique by the Holy See, Pope Francis was so moved by their words that the set aside his prepared text and spoke off the cuff to those gathered.

“With this meeting,” the Pope said, “I wish above all to express my closeness, especially in situations of suffering: to many young unemployed, to those in receipt of employment insurance or in precarious employment, and to struggling small businesses.”

“It is a situation I know well from my experience in Argentina. I personally have not experienced this difficulty but my family has; my father, at a young age, went to Argentina full of illusions about ‘finding America’. And he suffered throughout the terrible depression of the 1930s. They lost everything! There was no work! And at home, during my childhood, I heard talk of this time, of this suffering.”

The Holy Father called on them to “have courage” while expressing his solidarity with them in their struggle to work.

“Where there is no work,” he said, “there is no dignity!”

“And this is not a problem solely in Sardinia … or only of Italy and certain countries in Europe, it is the consequence of a worldwide choice, an economic system that leads to this tragedy, an economic system that has at its center the idol of money.”

Men and women and not money should be at the center of the world. The Holy Father stayed that today’s economic system is devoid of ethics while become an idolater of “this money-god.”

Despite the current system, the Pope exhorted those employed and unemployed to not lose hope and to struggle together to restore men, women and the family at the center.

“’Do not be robbed of hope!’. But we must be clever, as the Lord says that the idols are more cunning than we are. The Lord invites us to have the cunning of the snake with the goodness of the dove. We must have this cunning, and call things by their proper name. In this moment, in our current economic system, in our proposed globalised system of life, there is an idol at the centre and this cannot be!,” he exclaimed.

Concluding his address, Pope Francis invited those gathered to pray with him in silence, asking God to save those who suffer from the idols that “try to rob us of dignity.”

“Lord, do not leave us alone. Help us to help ourselves; so that we leave our selfishness behind and feel in our hearts the ‘we’ of a people who wish to forge ahead. Lord Jesus, who did not lack work, give us work and teach us how to strive for work, and bless us all,” the Pope concluded.

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Three men, including a military accountant, were lynched by a mob in a tragic case of mistaken identity.

This is what I got when I looked up for the definition of Justice:the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments.


the administration of law; especially : the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity
So, as far as I am concerned,the only one who can administer justice is the judge and God. There is a process where a judge listens to the accused and finally makes a decision on whether to send the person to prison or set him free. It is rare that the accused is given the death penalty.

So,what has become of us to kill. We can’t give anyone the breathe of life so who gave us that ability. I agree some deeds done by the accused could be unspeakable but have you considered that taking matters into your own hands could impair your future judgement? For instance the story of the mob that killed 3 innocent people. These are characteristics of a mob justice: they never listen, they are all filled with hate and they base their justice on a rumour they heard. Now, you and I know how biased rumours could be. So how can you judge someone based on something you heard? How sure are you that he did what you say he did?
So many People have been killed due to mob justice and reports of such act increase by the day. Why kill another human being. Din’t God, the giver of life say that we should leave judgement to him? Why have we become so ruthless and heartless?
And when we realize that we killed an innocent man, why did we rub it off like it doesn’t matter and console ourselves saying we din’t know? It’s not our obligation to take matters in our own hands. What is a fact is, you have left a family without a father,a sister, a brother or a mother.
The fact still remains that we have killed a person and it does not matter if he was innocent r not. We have impaired judgement and hence we should not kill anyone.

Stop doing a judge’s job and judging people yet you have neither the ability nor are you righteous enough to judge. Learn something called forgive and forget. This applies to me as well. I am not judging, I am stating what is wrong.
Good morning Kenyans!!!

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Pope Francis celebrated the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary yesterday at Mass held at the Piazza della Liberta, located in front of the Papal Palace in Castel Gandolfo. The Holy Father focused on three key words regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary: struggle, resurrection and hope.


Reflecting on the first reading from Revelations, which spoke of the vision of the “struggle between the woman and the dragon”, the Pope stated that the image of the woman represents the Church today which although glorious and triumphant, is “still in travail.”

“If in heaven she is already associated in some way with the glory of her Lord, in history she continually lives through the trials and challenges which the conflict between God and the evil one, the perennial enemy, brings,” the Pope said.  

“And in the struggle which the disciples must confront – all of us, all the disciples of Jesus, we must face this struggle – Mary does not leave them alone: the Mother of Christ and of the Church is always with us. She walks with us always, she is with us.”

The Pope went on to say that Mary accompanies us in prayer, particularly in the prayer of the Rosary, which he said, “sustains us in the battle” against the “evil one and his accomplices.”

Regarding the second reading, Pope Francis stated that it focuses on the resurrection, due to Paul’s letter to the Corinthians which stated that “being a Christian means believing that Christ is truly risen from the dead.

“Our whole faith is based upon this fundamental truth which is not an idea but an event. Even the mystery of Mary’s Assumption body and soul is fully inscribed in the resurrection of Christ,” the Pope said.  

“The Mother’s humanity is ‘attracted’ by the Son in his own passage from death to life. Once and for all, Jesus entered into eternal life with all the humanity he had drawn from Mary; and she, the Mother, who followed him faithfully throughout her life, followed him with her heart, and entered with him into eternal life which we also call heaven, paradise, the Father’s house.”

Mary, he continued, in uniting herself to the Passion of Her Son, was given the gift of the resurrection, saying that Mary is the first fruit of the redeemed, the first of ‘those who are in Christ.’”

She is our Mother, but we can also say that she is our representative, our sister, our eldest sister, she is the first of the redeemed, who has arrived in heaven,” the Holy Father said.

Pope Francis reflected on the final word “hope”, saying that it is the virtue of those who believe in the “victory of love” in the midst of conflict and suffering. The Holy Father also stated that the Magnificat recounted in the Gospel, is itself a song of hope and “the song of the People of God walking through history.”

“It is the song many saints, men and women, some famous, and very many others unknown to us but known to God: moms, dads, catechists, missionaries, priests, sisters, young people, even children and grandparents: these have faced the struggle of life while carrying in their heart the hope of the little and the humble.”

The Holy Father concluded his homily, saying that the Magnificat resonates in places today where “the Body of Christ is suffering the Passion.”

For us Christians, wherever the Cross is, there is hope, always. If there is no hope, we are not Christian. That is why I like to say: do not allow yourselves to be robbed of hope. May we not be robbed of hope, because this strength is a grace, a gift from God which carries us forward with our eyes fixed on heaven,” Pope Francis said.

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It starts with YOU.

I can remember when I was young, i used to believe that God had big dreams for me. As time went by and i grew up, i came to believe that i can do nothing to change or improve life. I became more lazy and tougher believing that society was beyond help.

Let me give an example; the problems we are facing today. There is addiction to drugs, global warming, a lot of theft, murder in cold blood, rape, diseases, hunger, poverty, corruption, discrimination………………..

The list goes on. Finally, we start to believe that there is truly nothing we can do but sit back and watch. If Jesus was in our generation, He would call us cowards for such actions. He was a man, one man but he was able to save mankind. We may say that He was God but he was like us. He saw what we saw, he suffered like we suffered and he never used His power to save himself from his fate.

What i am trying to say with so many words is, we think we can do nothing yet we do not try. You never know, the world may surprise you. You won’t know unless you try. The first time may not show a lot of result, but you tried and you should continue trying. You may not know but you are doing the work of God. You are taking an extra mile and trying to help someone.

Worst case scenario, you manage not to help anyone in a year. What i know is that, as long as you left the door open for anyone in need, they will one day understand what you were saying and will see your good intention and may even change their ways. If you get a worse case and manage to help only one person in a year and that person helps one person, and it continues like that, you may not realize this but you are like a person with a rope on top of a well and you are pulling one person who is pulling another person and another and it goes on. 


They say in kiswahili, haba na haba hujaza kibaba and pole,pole ndio mwendo. Patience is a virtue everyone should try to acquire and you will be surprised at the results. But it starts with an initiative Taken by You.Image

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