It starts with YOU.

I can remember when I was young, i used to believe that God had big dreams for me. As time went by and i grew up, i came to believe that i can do nothing to change or improve life. I became more lazy and tougher believing that society was beyond help.

Let me give an example; the problems we are facing today. There is addiction to drugs, global warming, a lot of theft, murder in cold blood, rape, diseases, hunger, poverty, corruption, discrimination………………..

The list goes on. Finally, we start to believe that there is truly nothing we can do but sit back and watch. If Jesus was in our generation, He would call us cowards for such actions. He was a man, one man but he was able to save mankind. We may say that He was God but he was like us. He saw what we saw, he suffered like we suffered and he never used His power to save himself from his fate.

What i am trying to say with so many words is, we think we can do nothing yet we do not try. You never know, the world may surprise you. You won’t know unless you try. The first time may not show a lot of result, but you tried and you should continue trying. You may not know but you are doing the work of God. You are taking an extra mile and trying to help someone.

Worst case scenario, you manage not to help anyone in a year. What i know is that, as long as you left the door open for anyone in need, they will one day understand what you were saying and will see your good intention and may even change their ways. If you get a worse case and manage to help only one person in a year and that person helps one person, and it continues like that, you may not realize this but you are like a person with a rope on top of a well and you are pulling one person who is pulling another person and another and it goes on. 


They say in kiswahili, haba na haba hujaza kibaba and pole,pole ndio mwendo. Patience is a virtue everyone should try to acquire and you will be surprised at the results. But it starts with an initiative Taken by You.Image

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